Health Financing in Low Resource Countries

The Global Health Security Agenda vision of ERGRF implies the engagement to protect the communities from global health threats caused by infectious diseases. Therefore, we work on developing working programs that could be adapted and reproduced by different locations.

The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation is aware of developing countries' difficulties in fighting the pandemic due to the limited financial resources and lack of a strong health care system. The ERGRF expert team is globally recognized for having experience in biosafety and developing sustainable, efficient, and innovative programs for communities worldwide. Our experts collaborate with local companies to determine the most effective strategic approaches to overcome the health crisis.

Health Financing in Low Resource Countries

We support all the initiatives to help communities both on the government level as well as citizens level. The main problem consists in the lack of resources. Therefore, we demonstrated the private financial sector's importance in offering funds for investments in the health care system and supporting people during emergencies.

Our specialists worked on measuring the management risks and developing best practices guidelines for lenders and financial institutions. Firstly, we cooperate with online lenders in creating funding programs for equipment acquisitions for public and private hospitals. Secondly, we appreciate online lenders' implication in keeping people safe and healthy by offering a range of products as short-term loans. The private financial sector opened access to funds to a bigger part of the population of low resource countries, helping them deal with emergency costs.

Our foundation is opened for collaborations with institutions and government entities to improve the health care systems. Check the list of our partners for more informations. For the organizations which are interested in partnerships, please feel free to contact us.