Supporting the Foundation

Elizabeth R Griffin Research Foundation Launches 'Safer Together – Friends of Safe Research' Campaign

The Elizabeth R Griffin Research Foundation is launching the first financial campaign in its history.

The Griffin Foundation was created in 1999 by the family of Elizabeth (Beth) Griffin following her death that was the consequence of an ocular exposure to Macacine herpesvirus. Beth's death in 1997 occurred when she was a primate research worker at Yerkes in Atlanta, GA. The Foundation originally focused on safety and occupational health issues for people who work with non-human primates, but its ongoing success in that arena has created global demand for the Foundation's efforts in promoting a culture of responsibility in many areas of research related to human and animal health.

In order to provide the array of services and support being requested, the Foundation is seeking broader financial support, especially for its support of international programs. The conduct of safe and responsible research and assuring proper protection for workers and their communities is vital to improving public health, assuring safe sources of food and water, agricultural sustainability, and animal health.

Despite several years of unstable market conditions and low interest returns, the Foundation has managed to honor its commitments to institutions and professional associations that support its mission. In order to be both sustainable and global, the Foundation now requires additional funding.

One important program the Foundation wishes to launch is its International Support Fund that would provide non-government funding for global initiatives in training, sustainable engineering, and leadership development. The Foundation has a special interest in working with populations in low-resource areas in assisting them in finding solutions to problems that are local, practical and sustainable.

The Foundation collaborates with a number of organizations, associations and institutions around the world. One of our strengths is that we are small, nimble and non-bureaucratic. We find this makes us able to provide effective assistance within a reasonable timeframe at minimal cost. The credibility of the Foundation and its dedication ti supporting safe research are unquestioned.

The Foundation's initial goal is to raise $1,000,000US. The Foundation is a US 501c3 foundation - a designation that qualifies the Foundation as a recipient of tax deductible donations. Corporate / Commercial / Institutional Donors will be provided with a "Safer Together - Friend of Safe Research" logo suitable for commercial usage that recognizes their level of giving. Platinum sponsors may have their logos in a special recognition portion of all ERGRF material. Individual donors will receive decals and certificates. Donors at any level may choose to be listed in a special section on the ERGRF website.

Donors may choose specific areas and/or global regions for the use of their gifts, but ERGRF reserves the right to determine recipients.

Corporate / Commercial / Institutional

  • Platinum - $50,000+
  • Gold - $25,000 - 49,999
  • Silver - $10,000 - 24,999
  • Partner - $1,000 - 9,999


  • Platinum - $10,000
  • Gold - $5,000 - 9,999
  • Silver - $1,000 - 4,999
  • Partner - $100 - 999