Elizabeth R. Griffin

Research Foundation

Safer Together

Providing holistic ideas for simple, practical, affordable & sustainable biosafety & biosecurity that supports risk reduction for front line workers exposed to biological hazards

The Foundation & Leadership Development

Leadership is the leverage point of direction. In partnership with the American Biological Safety Association and Emory University, the Foundation annually conducts a leadership institute for biosafety professionals. In addition, the Foundation works with the International Council of Life Sciences in producing leadership training opportunities in biorisk management globally.

The Foundation as a Project Manager

Upon request, the Foundation is willing to serve as a contract manager or co-manager for programs that fit within its mission. It is our determination to do so at minimal administrative cost to the programs we manage. Managing programs is not our core business, but we recognize that some very worthy programs can be adversely affected by high administrative costs. We are committed to the principle that revenue derived from administrative costs is used by the Foundation to provide financial support to various programs around the world.